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Brederode was a ship of the line of the navy of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, and the flagship of the Dutch fleet in the First Anglo-Dutch War. Throughout her career, she carried from 53-59 guns. She was named after Johan Wolfert van Brederode, the brother-in-law of stadtholder Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange.

With Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp in command, Brederode fought at the Battle of Dungeness on December 10,
1652 where she came close to being captured, but was instrumental in that victory over the English. She fought again on February 18, 1653 at the Battle of Portland and on June12, 1653 at the Battle of the Gabbard, where she fought an exhausting but inconclusive duel with William Penn's flagship James. On that day, the first day of the battle, Tromp's men boarded the English ship but were beaten back; boarded in turn by the English, Tromp was only able to dislodge the boarders by blowing up Brederode's deck. On June 13th the English were joined by a squadron under Admiral Robert Blake and the Dutch were scattered in defeat.

In the Northern Wars the United Provinces sent an expeditionary force to support Denmark in the war against Charles X
of Sweden. The Brederode attacked the enemy without proper knowledge of the shoals and was grounded. The partially burnt wreck was deemed unsalvagable.

The ship was 132 feet long with a beam of 32 feet.

Brederode 1644

This painting is by Simon de Vlieger.

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