Corel's Wappen von Hamburg
Length 43" Height 36" Scale 1:40

The legend: Wappen Von Hamburg was commissioned by Admiral Karpfanger, and she was then employed, very successfully as a heavily armed Convoy Escort Ship. He engaged and sank a large number pirate ships during her short but colourful career. On October 10th, 1683 fire broke out on board in the port of Cadiz. The magazine exploded killing Admiral Karpfinger and 22 others and destroyed the shi

The Reality: Berend Jacobsen Karpfanger (1623-October 11, 1683) was a German admiral of the Hamburg Admiralty known for fighting pirates. He was the captain of the convoy ships Leopold I and Wapen von Hamburg, which defended merchant ships from the pirates of the North African Barbary Coast. He took command of the Wapen von Hamburg. Commissioned in 1668 to protect the merchant ships from the Barbary corsairs, the Wapen was 130 ft long warship with a total of 54 cannons, ranging from four to 18 pounds. Karpfanger took command of this ship in 1683, when Leopold I was being repaired.

Karfanger was with the ship on 10 October 1683. On that day, while the ship was in the port of Cadiz, a fire started in the bow of the frigate that spread quickly throughout the rest of the ship. The crew tried desperately to fight the fire and when they could not contain it attempted to abandon ship on sloops. Karpfanger himself refused to abandon the ship while
efforts continued to save it and commanded the crew to return to further fight the fire. Around midnight, the fire reached the ship's gunpowder magazine, causing the ship to explode. Admiral Karfanger was among the dead, alongside 22 soldiers and 42 crewmen. His body was found floating on the mooring line of an English ship in the harbor the following morning. The cause of the fire was never discovered.

Corel's Wappen von Hamburg