Corel's La Couronne
Length 32" Height 24" Scale 1:100

The legend: Built in 1636, La Couronne is reputed to have been France's first great ship. Cardinal Richelieu personally supervised her decoration and fitting out. Ornamentation was designed and created by the most famous craftsmen and artists of her day.

The Reality: The Couronne (French for "crown") was an emblematic ship of the French Navy built by Richelieu. Couronne was a war Galleon built by the French themselves in accordance with Richelieu's plans to renew the French Navy, after a series of ships built by the Dutch.

The construction was supervised by Isaac de Launay Razilly and overseen by the famous carpenter Charles Morieur, from Dieppe. She was constructed at Roache-Bernard; and was one of the most advanced ships of her time. She bore 68 heavy guns, 8 firing to the bow and 8 to the aft, an unusual feature until Dupuy de Lôme redesigned naval artillery. The Couronne took part in the Battle of Guetaria in 1638, and another expedition to Spain in 1639 under Henri de Sourdis. The ship was disarmed in 1641 and scrapped between 1643-1645. Click HERE for more information

Corel's La Couronne